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Jon D. Fleming

With more than 30 years’ experience in financing, investing, asset management and court-appointed receivership, I am currently specializing in managing

In my former position as Senior VP and principal for an EB-5 regional center, I traveled overseas and developed a strong migration agent network in China, India, and Vietnam. I am in my element working side-by-side with immigration and litigation attorneys who represent investors or government agencies that are looking for me to help oversee troubled projects.

I thrive on stepping into a distressed real estate situation with conflicts and chaos. I bring clarity, integrity and resolution—adding value to all parties involved. I do my very best when I am put in the position to explain fraudulent or poor business management decisions to investors. My goal is to provide sound business judgment to troubled projects—bringing a project to successful completion and returning investors' funds, with their visas.


When asked what sets me apart from others in the industry:

  • more than 30 years’ business, finance, real estate development and operations experience.

  • excellent listening and communication skills, dealing with all parties in a fair fashion.

  • highest level of integrity, trust, and honesty.

  • bring a team of resources to the table—immigration counsel, forensic accountants and asset search firms.   Including an in-house advisor with Mandarin fluency.

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